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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 11/8/10


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Every Monday I will answer user submitted questions. They don’t have to be about cloth diapering! I’ll always answer questions via email, but if you would like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email with the subject “Mailbox Mondays” to Maria at change-diapers dot com.

Naomi says:

Hey Maria,

Talk to me(us) about hemp vs. bamboo. Any recommendations of brands for a hemp or bamboo insert?

Overnight diapers for my 3 year old are getting pretty bulky. I usually sandwich a terry hemp doubler between two microfiber inserts in a generic pocket. That usually does the trick, but I’ve only got two of the hemp guys and when I’m out, I stuff the poor pockets to the gills with microfiber (3 inserts or 2 inserts with a mf towel). While dd doesn’t seem to care about the bulk, it gets hard to stuff and when family sees her overnight diaper it is pretty comical.

I don’t mind bulk, but am wondering which material to try and get inserts of. I’ve heard a lot about wool covers, but right now can only afford to stay with my pockets for overnight and just get a couple used inserts.

Great question!  I’ve been fortunate in that several of the diapers I’ve purchased/reviewed came with natural fiber inserts, and they are definitely top notch for nighttime diapering.

natural fiber inserts

babykicks hemp insert babykicks

In no particular order, first is the insert that came with my Babykicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper.  This is 55% hemp and 45% cotton.  Babykicks also sells Joey Bunz, Joey Bunz Premium (both sized) and doublers separately.  (There should be some in the CSN giveaway in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event!)  

amp insert

My Amp Duo Diaper came with a 2-layer hemp insert, as well as a bamboo insert.  The inserts look like a smallish prefold that you trifold, and they also come in 3-layer hemp, as well as organic cotton.

blueberry hemp microfiber insert

My Blueberry Minky was one I bought after only cloth diapering for about a month, and it was my first experience with a microfiber/hemp combo.  It’s a one size insert that snaps down to different sizes, and a 3-pack retails separately for $19.95.

cotton hemp doublers

These doublers were kind of random.  They were loose in the package with the Blueberry diapers I bought last year.  I believe they are organic cotton and bamboo doublers but I’m not entirely sure.  I use both of them at night.  I have 4 night time diapers in my rotation right now.  My Guerilla Fluff Utilitarian with a Mobums Wool Interlock Night Night Soaker, a Dypes by Dixon Sweet Slumber fleece pocket stuffed with the superdo, and two Bumgenius 3.0 pockets, one stuffed with a microfiber insert and one of the random hemp/cotton doublers, the other stuffed with the loopydo with the second random doubler in between.

loopydo insert

Speaking of which, I wholeheartedly recommend the Knickernappies Superdo and Loopydo inserts.  I purchased these out of utter desperation when my son was soaking every insert I had, and I was creating a monster leg gap by putting 3 inserts in a pocket.  They really are rather pricey at $7.50 for a loopydo and $12.95 for a superdo, but I think they are worth it.  I tried to be cheap and buy the large size for my son’s medium diapers, but they are quite bulky folded over.  I love the microfiber/hemp combo because the microfiber whisks the moisture away from my son’s skin, and the hemp locks it away. 

OK, I feel like a paper towel commercial.  Really though, if you are looking for a solution for a heavy wetter, I highly recommend them.  The only problem I have with them is that they can become quite stinky.  When I notice that, I wash (inserts only) with about 1/4 cup of bleach, then rinse rinse rinse until the water is clean and the inserts don’t smell like bleach anymore!
If I had the money to spend, I’d love to have more superdo/loopydo inserts.  I’ve been wanting to buy some mediums for a while but I’ve been trying to stick to the budget!

These are just the inserts I own, there are of course lots of other natural fiber inserts/prefolds out there!

So how about the rest of you?  Do you have a favorite natural fiber insert?

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Blueberry Mini Pocket Diaper Review


blueberry mini pocket diaper

Blueberry Diapers and Swaddlebees sometimes have clearance sales where they clear out seconds, overstocks and discontinued items.  I’ve perused before, but have either found the prices to be not so great, or like the last few times, the prices with shipping added are just too high.

blueberry mini blueberry mini rear

About a month ago, I was able to snag a Mini Deluxe “irregular” diaper for $10, plus $3.90 shipping.  The irregular/second didn’t include an insert, but I have plenty of newborn inserts/doublers from my one-size diapers.  The regular price is $17.95, and I figured a 45% discount was worth it!

blueberry mini small

For the record, no, I don’t have a newborn, nor am I pregnant.  I just couldn’t resist this eeny teeny diaper!  I chose the lemon-lime color, which I had been eying for about a year.  It didn’t look exactly like I’d expected from photos, but it’s still cute!

blueberry mini seconds

The tag is marked, indicating it is irregular.  I think some of the stitching was a little bit uneven, but if I hadn’t known it was a second, I wouldn’t have noticed.

snap down rise

The Blueberry Mini is estimated to fit babies up to 15 pounds, and has a snap down rise (just like the one-size blueberry diapers) giving you three size options, not just one like some newborn diapers.

insert in pocket

Pocket diapers are my personal preference, but I wondered if I would have to use salad tongs to stuff such a tiny diaper!  Granted, I have small hands, but I had no trouble!

snap closure

It has snap closures.  I prefer aplix/Velcro (especially for newborn/middle of the night changes), but (in my opinion!) Blueberry Velcro is the worst I’ve encountered, so snaps from them is fine with me!  You can also see the irregular stitching at the top of the diaper in the photo above.

blueberry mini small vs one size smallbluberry mini large vs one size small side view

Above is the Blueberry Mini on the small and also large settings, compared to the Blueberry one-Size on the small setting.  The large setting seems to have a similar rise compared to the one-size small setting, but it is a bit narrower, to fit a small baby better overall.

blueberry mini large vs one size small

Here’s the Blueberry Mini on the small setting, measured folded and stretched:

small folded small stretched
Medium folded and stretched:
medium folded medium stretched

Finally, the large setting of the Blueberry Mini, both folded and stretched:

large folded large stretched

Since I don’t have a newborn, I used my usual newborn diaper model!

my model

I think the small setting is very similar to a preemie size disposable. It gets very small!

blueberry mini small vs preemie disposable diaper

The medium seems similar to a newborn disposable, and the large seems similar to a size 1.

blueberry mini medium vs newborn disposable diaperblueberry mini large vs size 1 disposable diaper

Here I’ve compared the fit of a preemie disposable, to the fit of the Blueberry Mini on the small setting:

preemie disposable diaper front preemie disposable diaper back

blueberry mini smallblueberry mini small back

Here’s my model in a newborn disposable compared to the Blueberry Mini on the medium setting.  My model was very thankful I only took the disposable pictures once, and re-used them on my other newborn diaper post.  He thinks cloth is much more comfy!

newborn disposable diaper frontnewborn disposable diaper back

blueberry mini medium blueberry mini medium back

Lastly a size 1 disposable compared to the fit of the Blueberry Mini on the large setting:

size 1 disposable diaper size 1 disposable diaper back
blueberry mini largeblueberry mini large back

Naturally, I can’t put the diaper “to the test” since I don’t have a newborn.  It’s called a “Blueberry Mini” and it appears to be just that; a miniature version of their one-size diaper, which I think is wonderful.  Both the microfiber/hemp combo inserts and the bamboo inserts are incredibly absorbent, and the fit of the one-size diapers is great.  Both the Blueberry Bamboo one-size diaper and the Blueberry Minky one-size diaper I have are ones I grab for naps or car rides, despite the awful Velcro. 

Now, if only I had a newborn to put in this cute diaper!
Update after using on a newborn.
Please note that this review was not approved, sponsored or endorsed by Blueberry Diapers, or any cloth diaper retailer.  All opinions are my own.

FTC compliance: I paid the normal, “clearance” retail price for this diaper.  I was not compensated for this post.

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Cloth Diapers Delamination Warranties

My Rumparooz Delamination Issue

I couldn’t make a long story short to save my life, but I’m great at making short stories long.

I recently had an issue with Rumparooz PUL delamination, and I wanted to share my experience with you, in case you have Rumparooz, or had heard anything about this issue. 

Let me very clearly state: While the delamination problem is a known issue, it is a small portion of the diapers that are affected.  If you are not having problems with your diaper.  Good.  Don’t worry about it.  If you are having a problem, contact Rumparooz.

I have been using Tide (which Rumparooz and a few other manufacturers recommend, but many do not.)  I typically hang my shells to dry, but occasionally throw them in the dryer on low for the last 20 or so minutes with the inserts.

Saturday, I took my diapers down, and a few were a bit damp on the inside, so I turned them inside out.  This was totally by chance, since I don’t normally do that.  I immediately noticed “bubbles” where the water resistant PUL lining had pulled away from the outer.  I checked the other Rumparooz I have, and that was the same way, but had actually torn free in some places.

Here are some photos, I know I have mad MS Paint skills, don’t be jealous, LOL. 

Rather hard to see in photos, sorry.

I sent an email from their website around 11 P.M. on Saturday and I had a response by 3 P.M on Sunday!  Sunday!
I received a polite response acknowledging the issue, with instructions on how to receive replacements.  I thought that was great.

I asked to post the explanation of the issue in their words, but they declined.  They seem to want to handle problems as customers bring it up, rather than issuing a statement about it.  Personally, I think they would have been much better off to issue a statement when they discovered the issue, to assure people who did have a problem, that they would stand behind their product.  To let everyone know that they have corrected the issue, and don’t forsee any problems in the future.  By keeping it so “hush hush” it’s just led to discussions about how “my Rumparooz fell apart.”

In fact, I was ticked off, complaining, and wasn’t sure I should even bother contacting them…but after a few other moms in an online cloth diapering group had a similar problem, I thought I’d try.

Since they will not allow me to actually post their explanation of what went wrong, what was affected, how they have fixed the problem, how to know if your diapers are affected and so forth, I will paraphrase.  They know of a delamination problem with some diapers.  It wasn’t all diapers, but they aren’t able to pinpoint which ones it was, until the problem arises with an individual diaper.  It usually shows up after tumble drying.  They have a new PUL supplier and do not expect this to be an issue again.  Some of the affected diapers are still out there.  If you have a problem with your diaper, contact them.  Obviously, if you do not have a problem, you don’t need to contact them. 

In addition to the claim form, there were instructions on how to complete it, take photos and send it along with my receipts.  Once submitted, I immediately received an auto-reply explaining that they would send my replacement diapers within 48 business hours.  Since then (4 days ago, as of the time this post is being published), I haven’t received any correspondence.  No claim approval, no shipping notice.
For any rotten folks out there, you have to contact them to receive the claim form, then send your receipt as well as photos that show the defect, with the completed claim form also visible in the picture.  So no sneaky borrowing pictures to try to pull one over on them!

My reason for sharing this with you is two-fold.  One is that I was not happy with Rumparooz Saturday night.  However, I am glad they are standing behind the product.  It’s just a shame that all companies can’t be as up front as Rockin’ Green was with their recent recall. 

Not all companies are even this responsive to problems.  I contacted Blueberry in January after my Minky Aplix diaper had one of the laundry tabs pretty much shred off of the diaper.  Keep in mind I’d had this diaper less than two months when I sent the email, and the laundry tab had started coming off almost immediately.

This is the response I received:


Good afternoon!!!
Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately Velcro is a beast. I prefer snaps myself, just due to the no maintenance aspect. We have tried many different varieties/brands of Velcro and have tested many different scenarios. Either we can have soft velcro that looses it stick or one like that is too stiff and will scratch the baby. We are always looking for way to build a better mouse trap.

Thanks again and have a greta day!!!

Bet regards,


First off, I am so guilty of typos, especially reversing letters or leaving one out.  However, receiving a typo-riddled response made me feel less than important.  I also felt very brushed off.  Like this was no surprise and no big deal to them that my THIRTY THREE DOLLAR diaper was a hunk-o-cr…junk.  No request for more information or photos, nothing.  I clearly explained that I’d had the diaper about a month and that the velcro was so “sticky” that it was nearly impossible to remove from the laundry tabs, and that one laundry tab had torn almost completely off.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy any more of their diapers, even though I like the snap closure diaper I have.  Yes, I spent $33 on a diaper.  I’m appropriately ashamed.  Isn’t it interesting that the 3 most expensive diapers I’ve bought are the 3 with the biggest problems?

OK, the second reason I wanted to share this with you is to urge you to check your diapers.  If you have a Rumparooz that you purchased in the past year or so, turn it inside out and look at it. 

If you have washed your diapers many times, occasionally tumble drying them and you do not have any problems, you do not need to contact Rumparooz, your diapers are fine!

The worst of my delamination (the torn part) is in the back, but if it were in a wet zone, the diapers would likely be leaking.

In case you didn’t notice, customer service is a pet peeve of mine.  When I initially thought that RaR had identified the issue and was owning up to it, the tone of this post was much more positive (and had a different title.)  Hopefully this post will help spread the word, so that people who have diapers with problems can get them replaced (since RaR doesn’t seem to be planning to go “public.”)

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Once the diapermoon is over…


While reading one of my old blog entries, I realized that I feel quite differently about some diapers now, compared to how I felt when they were brand new fluff mail.  Some things I didn’t like at first, I grew to love and vice versa.

Therefore, I’m going to do a quick summary (linking to the original blog post also) of some of the diapers I’ve been using for up to 6 months.  I’ve also taken some photos of things I find noteworthy. 

I warn that this post will be very long and somewhat rambling at times.     🙂

Since some people do refer back to the archives, I’m going to also figure out the best way to link this post to the original post, perhaps by just linking to this post to avoid a big glob of copied & pasted text at the end.  Here goes!

Bumgenius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diapers.

The first 3 diapers I bought were Bumgenius 3.0s.  I’ve had those since October, so just about 6 months.  They’ve gotten some major wear and tear.  Not only have I had them the longest, but when I first started out, I only had 3 BG, then 6, and I literally washed them twice a day to keep the sposies I needed to use, to a minimum. 

The most common complaint I read (I think I read hundreds of reviews when deciding what to initially purchase) was that over time, the velcro curls, doesn’t stick and forms diaper chains in the wash.  Some people have even done a snap conversion.

Well, I happened upon this Bumgenius Refresher Kit at cottonbabies.  The refresher kits include three new pieces of elastic (back elastic, two legs) new tab closures and new laundry tabs. Each kit also includes instructions for sewing your diaper refresh kits into your bumGenius cloth diapers. Each kit is only $1.00!  It seems well worth it to me.

That said, I don’t need any.  The light blue diaper was one of the first 3 I bought and the one I reach for the most.  It is the “worst” as far as tabs curling, and you can see it’s not really bad at all.

The velcro actually sticks to the laundry tabs, stays firmly attached, but isn’t too difficult to remove from the diaper or laundry tabs.

Everything’s a little “pilly” but it’s not really anything I wouldn’t expect.  I’m trying to spare you from seeing too much of the inners.  As you can see, most of my diapers are a bit stained because we’re just now seeing the sun (and I don’t have a clothes line!)
There are some snags and fuzzies on the front of the diaper also, from getting snagged by various diapers.

There are no functional problems at all.  They may need a little refresher in a few more months, but who cares.  I remember being so shocked at the price of $17.95 per diaper when I first started looking at cloth.  Now I know, that’s cheap!!  They’re one size, waterproof, come with not only an insert, but a doubler too, have a stay dry inner, and are actually one of the least expensive diapers I’ve bought!

They also have the “poop scoop” in back and a nice, wide pocket for stuffing.  I’ve heard some people say they don’t like that, but I do.  You have to fold the “poop scoop” over after stuffing to cover the opening.

I also adore that they have the PUL “stopper” on the front.  You don’t have to be too particular about getting the insert just so, since that will keep it from wicking onto clothing.

Speaking of stuffing, it takes me seconds to stuff them now.  I had a learning curve though.  I don’t really think it’s something someone can teach you, you just have to get the hang of it.

As long as the diaper is on the right rise setting, stuffed properly, fastened properly etc, I don’t have any leaks or blowouts.  These are my go-to diaper when we leave the house because I know I won’t be left “all wet.”

Happy Heiny’s Monkey Print and Peace Bears

I sheepishly admit that the prints are what made me desperately want these!  I initially thought they’d be great for newborns since they had a “newborn” setting in addition to small, medium and large.  They claim to fit 7.5 to 35 lbs.  Many one size diapers have similar size ranges, but almost everyone tells me that they don’t really fit until about 10 pounds. 

My son was born at about 8 pounds and was a bit over 14 pounds when we started cloth diapering at about 4 1/2 months.  He has worn the “medium” setting on all of his other one size diapers since then, but we are still on the “newborn” setting on these!!  We started out on medium and went to small, then finally newborn, in search of a secure fit.

Granted, he’s teeny at 16 1/2 lbs at 10 1/2 months, but I just can’t see how a 7.5 pound baby could wear these.  I think the sizing is more like Small/Medium, Medium/Large, Large/Extra large and Toddler.

The aplix closure tabs do overlap, but I’m always left with the end flapping in the breeze for some reason.  I’ve never tried a snap version.

When I tried to use the “small” setting, we had constant leg gap and he would pee right out the leg hole, leaving the insert bone dry.  Even since we sized down, I have to be really careful about how I put them on or we get leaks. 

Since there’s no stopper like the bumgenius has, I have to be careful not to stuff the insert too far into the diaper, but then it sometimes wants to hang out the back.  The inserts also do not have the snaps for sizing like the BG have.  They also want to bunch up inside and that also causes leak issues for us.

I have to use the foldover method for securing the tabs during laundering, they don’t stick to the laundry tabs for me.

They have a little bit of pilling here and there, but overall seem to be “aging” fine. 

I will definitely hang on to them since they may fit better if he chubs back up, or might fit another baby (if we have one!)  Solid colors cost $1 more than the bumgenius, but there is an additional surcharge for prints.

Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diapers

A very, very long time ago, long before I even had a baby on the way, I researched cloth diapers.  I ended up liking FuzziBunz the best, but I was turned off by the cost of having to buy different sizes.  My daughter was such a peanut that she was only about 24 pounds by the time she was fully potty trained.  For her, we would have needed some newborns, smalls and some trainers.  That would have been all.  Oh, if only I could have all the money back (or even some of it!) that we spent on disposables for her.  What a fluff stash it would buy!

In the beginning of my cloth diapering, I wanted only one-size diapers, so I bought this.  Initially, I thought this was OK.  Nice and trim.  Then I realized that the way I had the waist & elastic setting wasn’t quite right.  I found the elastic confusing and off putting, and the nice trim fit wasn’t as trim once the fabric was puffy from adjusted elastic.

I found the triangular snap configuration confusing and annoying and my husband hated it.

Since it’s one of the last I reach for, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s in pretty good shape!  The cost was $1 more than the Bumgenius.

I bought this really just because it was a one size pocket diaper, was on clearance, and the price was right.
No surprise that I didn’t love it.  I don’t hate it either.  Just as I said in my initial post, the laundry tabs are pretty useless and the weird shaped insert is hard to deal with.
It’s held up pretty well, but it’s also definitely not the first I reach for.

Blueberry Minky with Velcro

Again, I got suckered into a diaper because of the cute print!  I had heard good things about Blueberry, but that their velcro was awful.  Since I couldn’t find any of the prints I liked with snaps, I got the velcro, thinking that people were just anti-velcro.

Boy was I wrong!!  This was the blog post that made me realize how wrong wrong wrong initial impressions can be!  I hated the insert because I couldn’t figure out how to fold and snap it.  Now I love it!  It’s one size without adding much bulk, has microfiber and hemp both, is very trim, and is a loop, so it dries quickly.  Definitely one of my most favorite inserts now.

I also thought the velcro was good.  Bwaaahhhahahhahah!!  Excuse me while I slap my knee and wipe a tear from my eye.

You be the judge:

It’s as though Blueberry velcro defies all rules of logic.  It is im-freakin-possible to get off the dang diddly laundry tabs!  Seriously, I work up a sweat trying to get them off, and this one is ripped almost completely off.

Put them in the washing machine though and it’s like the velcro thinks the laundry tab has cooties.  The velcro sticks to everything BUT the laundry tabs.  This means all my other stuff gets snagged, and the Blueberry velcro gets a bunch of gross fuzzy stuff stuck in it.

The inside is quite pilly, and seems to have stained more than others.

In general, it just looks much older than diapers that have been used much, much more often.

What kills me most is how much I paid for this diaper.  It was $33!  I’m totally ashamed!  I could have practically bought two Bumgenius.
I did contact the company once the tab finally ripped off (after only TWO MONTHS!)  While they were polite and cordial, they merely said:
Unfortunately Velcro is a beast. I prefer snaps myself, just due to the no maintenance aspect. We have tried many different varieties/brands of Velcro and have tested many different scenarios. Either we can have soft velcro that looses it stick or one like that is too stiff and will scratch the baby. We are always looking for way to build a better mouse trap.”
That just really bugs me.  Oh well, expensive lesson learned!
This is a huge change from the last one because I love this diaper!  If it is clean and we are going out, it is the first diaper I choose to put on my son for the trip.  Every.  Time.  Even without the doubler, it does not leak.  The snaps are easy peasy and it fits wonderfully. 
The inside is silky soft, but you have to tumble it dry for at let a few minutes, or it is stiff.
I’ve been using it regularly for 4 months and it still looks spanking new to me.
While it was still awfully expensive at $28, I don’t really feel bad about it since I love it so much.
The only thing I don’t like about it is that the bamboo inner is not “stay dry” like microfleece and suedecloth.  However, this is a plus for many people that prefer natural materials on baby’s bottom.
I was once again suckered in by a cute print (notice a theme here?) but the print wasn’t actually as cute as it looked online (in my opinion).
I have a difficult time getting the velcro off of the laundry tabs and the front of the diaper seems very stiff and digs into my son’s tummy (look at the picture of him wearing it in the original post and you’ll see what I mean.)
It’s gotten a bit pilly but no major issues.
The inner gussets are awesome and I love the 4th snap down, which is a true newborn size as I see it (as long as you don’t have teeny tiny babies.)  I would of course prefer to have some newborn diapers with the umbilical cord snap down if I ever get to cloth diaper a newborn.  The Rumparooz Lil’ Joeys are one of a few that simply make my ovaries throb.  Hee hee.
This one I’ve only had for three months.  I do realize I had the snaps all wonky in the photo in the original post.  They aren’t done correctly and I’m sorry.
Now I actually like this one a lot better than the velcro version.  It rocks for all the same reasons (inner gussets, newborn size) but the snaps are super easy.  There are just two snaps (one right above the other, so no backtracking to try to get it snapped correctly) on each wing and they’re very easy, just like the Blueberry Snap diapers.  I much prefer this snap configuration over ones with a single row, but 3 snaps to snap on each wing.
I initially thought the velcro would loosen up over time and that it was easier than snaps.  Actually, I can probably snap this diaper before I get the velcro off the laundry tabs on the other one.
Also, no snags on the diaper.  Looks new.
The inside is a little bit pilly, but that seems to be par for the course.
Rumparooz in solid colors are $23.50, $5.55 more than Bumgenius 3.0.  Add another $2.00 to that for a print.
I was initially interested in this because it was a one size diaper, was inexpensive, and the insert was supposed to agitate out in the wash, no pulling it out.
I contacted the company asking for permission to use their images in a silly “Dear Santa” wish list post.  I contacted quite a few companies, and they were the only one that didn’t respond. 
I wasn’t overly impressed with the diaper.  Seemed pretty basic.  I found it more difficult to stuff with the patch instead of pocket, but the inserts do indeed agitate out in the wash.  It was $3 less than a bumgenius, but didn’t have extras like the “poop scoop,” the PUL stopper and it didn’t come with a doubler.  I’m not sure how you could even put a doubler in if you bought one.  I’m able to use my bumgenius as a travel or night diaper just by adding extra stuffing.  If you had all smartipants, you’d have to buy something else for those purposes.
It has a single row of snaps and only two snaps on the wing, making it a little easier than those with three.
It does still look pretty new though.  It’s one of two “daytime diapers” I keep in my son’s bedroom (we change almost all of his diapers downstairs), so it is used every other day for his first change of the day.
I’ve had this one for less than two months, but it’s usefulness (or lack thereof) was clear after 1 use, and very clear after 3 weeks.  The photos I added to the original post showing the wear & fading were taken after three weeks.
With the first use I found that it leaked from the legs so much, it may as well be a fitted. I had hoped that at the very least, it would have some resale value, since Goodmamas are so popular, but definitely not looking the way it does.
This was one of the more expensive diapers I’ve bought at $28.  I tend to skip over it, or use it with a cover (defeating the purpose of it being an AIO).  The term AIO is deceiving as well, which I address in my original post.
I would really like to try a Goodmama fitted to see if they are better than the AIOs, but I just don’t have the heart to spend the time and effort (and money!) tracking one down. 
The inners and soakers still look fine.
The outer?  Not so much.
In conclusion, (your mileage may vary and all that rot), sometimes the initial impression is spot on, and sometimes it’s way off.  You can’t necessarily rely on reviews.  This would all be much easier (in my opinion) if there was a brick and mortar store I could drive to and see and feel all this fluff!  (AHEM Abby’s Lane, who is close enough for a day trip if they’d open up a B&M store!!)
I think that about covers it, I’ll try to do this again in a few months.  Unfortunately this just gives my hubby more opportunities to say “I told you so.”  From the beginning, he told me to just buy more BumGenius 3.0s since I liked them.  I was afraid I would miss something really good, I was afraid to put all my eggs in one basket, and what the heck would I be blogging about??  😀
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Cloth Diapering Inserts Stink Stripping Washing

Not that kind of stripping

>Well. I’d hoped that since I’ve been using Lil Outlaws detergent and cloth safe diaper cream, I wouldn’t have to strip my diapers.  I’ve finally succumbed to the microfiber stink!  They weren’t particularly offensive, just rather musty smelling.  This particular smell appears to be very common with BumGenius diapers.

To strip diapers, you use the classic blue dawn, or plain ivory dish soap, suds the diapers up, then rinse until there are no more suds.  This can be a lot of rinsing, so I did only 5-7 at a time, since I only have 15.

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